“Our mission is simply to be the nation’s leading beverage brand builder measured in valuable growth. Brand building is what we do.”
- Barry Andrews, CEO

Our Story

The rallying cry that has helped Andrews Distributing become one of the most respected beverage distributors in the country began as a simple statement of purpose almost 40 years ago. Hear the story first hand from Barry Andrews, as he shares in this video the story of growing the business in the early years and the present day success of his namesake company.

At the age of 29, Barry Andrews started Andrews Distributing Company in his hometown Corpus Christi, Texas in 1976. With seven employees and a 12,000 square-foot warehouse, Andrews sold 276,000 cases of beer that first year with Miller Brewing as the only supplier and just two beer brands in the portfolio.

When market opportunities enabled expansion, Barry added Miller distributorships in Dallas, Denver and Longview. From 1994 to 2003, Andrews acquired distributorships from Denison to Kingsville, including a purchase of Willow Distributing in 2003 and changed the company name to Andrews Distributing.

Today, Andrews Distributing employs more than 1,500 team members, manages 4 warehouses totaling more than 680,000 square feet, and maintains a fleet of over 500 vehicles. Our portfolio consists of more than 700 brands from 40 supplier partners and case sales are in excess of 33.3 million cases.

What started as one man’s dream has become a leading company with incredible momentum for the future. This success is the direct result of the commitment, hard work and dedication of every employee in the Andrews family.

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Welcome Brewers

Whether you represent a beer brand that is currently in the Andrews portfolio, or one that you wish to introduce to the Texas market, we appreciate your interest in learning what makes Andrews Distributing unique.

In this section of our website, dedicated exclusively to suppliers and brewers, we’ll give you a deeper look at the five core areas of our business that we consider to be the benchmarks of success. Regardless of size or geography, our supplier and brewer partnerships are extremely important to us.

We exist to help you build your brand, and here you’ll learn how we do it.

Winning Culture

Winning is a huge part of the Andrews culture. Our process is to find out what measures of performance matter to you and then execute until we meet or exceed your objectives. Our dedication to winning has resulted in numerous awards for outstanding performance, and more importantly it has helped our suppliers and brewers establish lasting relationships with loyal beer lovers in our markets.

Maybe it’s just our Texas pride, but we simply won’t settle for anything less than victory.

Acquisition and Integration Excellence

We use the term “acquisition” to describe both our long-term growth strategy of acquiring other distributorships and our pursuit of adding the world’s finest beer brands to our portfolio. In both instances, we have a strong history of successful acquisitions.

In all of our distributor acquisitions, we have successfully maintained and strengthened retail relationships while avoiding any disruption in service. Since our growing portfolio contains some of the best selling beers in the world, we bring enormous value to acquired areas of distribution.

Here you’ll learn more about how we acquire and integrate brands into markets in a seamless manner that leads to efficiency and success.

Portfolio Growth

Our mission statement says it all – brand building is what we do.

We’ve made heavy investments in research tools and marketing resources that help us create measurable brand growth for our suppliers and brewers. It starts with understanding your target customer in our market and creating marketing plans that help them connect with your brand.

In this video, you will learn more about our world-class marketing and brand building capabilities. You will also see how we put your brand into the accounts where it will sell.

Service and Execution Excellence

In the beer business, service and execution can make or break a sales and profit plan. Retailers depend on their distributor for knowledge about top selling brands and expect their orders to arrive on time and in good condition.

With more than 12,000 on and off premise accounts in our territories, successful execution requires intense logistical planning, high-quality customer service, and virtually no mistakes. Andrews accounts and their customers will always receive exactly what they expect in the beer buying experience.

Collaborative Partnerships

We strive to be your valued partner in the Texas beer business.

This means we understand our commitment to you, and we consider your success our highest priority. Regardless of the size of your brewery or how many brands are in your line up, our approach does not change – we value our partners and go the extra mile for every single brand in our portfolio.

This video explores the five-step process that we employ to ensure that your brand performance exceeds your expectations. As you will see, Andrews is your committed and dedicated partner at every step of the sales process.